August 20, 2008

Tata Study Grants: South Asia initiative at Harvard

On May 9, 2008, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 30 undergraduate and graduate students of Harvard University were presented with Tata Study Grants to pursue academic projects by traveling to India and neighboring countries. This is the second year in which the travel grants were awarded to Harvard students by the Tata group of companies, acting through the Tata group office in Washington, DC. This year, the Tata Study Grants totaled approximately $76,000.
Tata group chief representative David Good spoke to the awardees at a reception organized by Harvard's South Asia Initiative, congratulating them on their grants, and telling them not to let their work keep them from enjoying the rich cultural diversity that India offers. He also asked them to keep an eye out for the number of times that they saw the name Tata while in India — an indication of the close interrelationship between Tata and the Indian community.
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