March 23, 2012

TCS North America celebrates Women’s History Month in Edison, NJ

On March 23, 2012, the North America CSR and diversity team hosted the 1st Annual Women’s History Month Lunch ‘n Learn session in Edison, New Jersey. More than 40 TCS employees, including 10 men, participated in the session, which exemplified how non-profit organizations like the Women’s Fund of New Jersey (WFNJ) play an active role in bringing the public and private sectors together with government agencies in order to create social change.

Michele Tuck-Ponder, Esq, executive director of WFNJ, featured as the chief speaker. She engaged the audience on key issues affecting women in New Jersey, ranging from the education of girls to economic security and technology adoption to family matters. The thought-provoking talk provided employees with a fresh insight on these issues and the role of both women and men in solving them. 

Ms. Tuck-Ponder explained how WFNJ helps women overcome social and economic barriers, and also touched upon how TCS employees can get involved.

WFNJ uses the power of philanthropy to advance economic security and social justice for the women and girls of New Jersey. Since its founding in 1995, WFNJ has invested more than $1.6 million in organizations that provide housing and healthcare, counseling and education, and job and life-skills training to women and girls in diverse communities across the state.